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About YES Health

YES Health (Your Experience: Speak up for better health care) is a community project. We’re working to improve health care and community services for Massachusetts One Care members who have physical disabilities and/or mental health needs. Yes Health does not receive funding from the state or any One Care plan. We are also not affiliated with the One Care Ombudsman program.

YES Health is made up of:

  • Massachusetts One Care members who have physical disabilities and/or mental health needs
  • A research team from the Disability Policy Consortium and Mongan Institute for Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital

Our study team includes people who have with lived with physical disability and/or mental health needs.

Why YES Health

People with physical disabilities and mental health needs have always been the subjects of research. But until now, we have never been able to shape research and use it to improve our care.

As a community, we are often told "no." This is why we chose YES as part of our project’s name. We are saying yes to you and to each other—yes to this opportunity we’ve never had before to have a say in improving our own and our community’s health care.

What YES Health is doing

YES Health is getting feedback from people with physical disabilities and people with mental health needs who have One Care as their health insurance plan. (One Care is the name of a health plan that started in October 2013 for people in Massachusetts who have both MassHealth and Medicare.)

We will give your feedback to doctors and other health care providers so they can better understand how they are providing care to people with physical disabilities and/or mental health needs. This information will help them know if their medical care is meeting your needs. The information will also help them to improve the care they are providing.

We want to hear how you feel about your health care under the One Care plan.

By telling us about your experiences with your health care and services under One Care, you are partnering with us to improve health care. We want to hear about things like:

  • How you felt about the care you got at a recent appointment
  • The language your provider used when talking about you and your disability and/or mental health needs
  • Your experience with accessing transportation and/or community services
  • If you receive certified peer specialist services or Independent Living Long-Term Support Services coordinator services

Who can join YES Health

To take part in YES Health, you must be enrolled in One Care and go to certain medical practices. Contact us to see if you are able to take part. Call us at 617-307-7374. Email us at YEShealth@dpcma.org.

In the future, we plan to open YES Health to more people. We are starting slowly, which is why we are focusing on people with physical disabilities and/or mental health needs.As YES Health grows, we will also expand our outreach to other groups of people with disabilities because we want to hear from all of you!Please check back on this site to learn about future opportunities.

In the meantime, you can help to improve health care by joining your health plan’s consumer advisory board (ask your health plan how to participate) or by joining disability advocacy through Disability Policy Consortium.

This website and our other YES Health materials are free to use.You will not be charged money for taking part in YES Health. YES Health is funded by a contract with the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

We protect your privacy

Protecting the privacy of everyone in YES Health is the highest priority for the YES Health team. We know that the only way people can be completely honest about their experiences is if they are sure that what they say will be kept confidential. Your name, your insurance information, and the details of your disability will not be publicly revealed under any circumstances.

Health care providers will not be able to log in to this website and will not know who gave us feedback. Only YES Health staff who will talk with you directly to give you a login code for this site will have access to your name. Neither your provider nor your health plan will be told that you are taking part in YES Health.